Must know human rights

From time to time, we all witness or find ourselves in situations where our human rights are violated. In most cases, this happens because of ignorance, where the victims have no idea that their human rights are being violated. It is has become our mission to ensure that the law is observed for the good of everyone, and the first step of making that reality is to inform everyone what their fundamental rights are. We have so many countries, and even in each country, different states, counties, or provinces tend to have different laws. However, here are some basic human rights that you should know.

Human rights that you should know

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As a human, you have the right not to be enslaved in any form. Under international law, every single human being is equal, and no one has precedence over another person. What this means is that no one shall force you to work or serve. It is your right to choose where you want to work. Also, unless you are volunteering, it is a mandate that you get compensated accordingly, especially as per an agreement prior to starting the work.

Fair detainment

No police office, or any other representative of the federal government shall detain you without sufficient course and evidence to back it. In our modern society, this is one of the most abused human right, especially since the police tend to arrest people without any solid cause. If you find yourself in a situation where the police are trying to arrest you, make sure to give reasonable cooperation, but make sure that you ask what you are being charged of, and demand a good explanation as to why you are being arrested. Depending on the answer you get, make sure that you act rationally.

Right to movement

As a citizen of a given nation, you have the right to move to any place that you require, so long as it is not restricted by the owner. What this means is that you can leave one town and go to the next one freely without having restrictions. However, if you want to visit a private property, say a farm, always ask for permission from the owner. If you are turned down, do not forcefully enter as that would be breaking the law. It is always important to remember that we are all protected with the same law, and respecting personal property if making sure that the other person gets to enjoy their rights as well.